Evolving Virtual Creatures 2018-11-30 link



  • Cold resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Simulation priority
  • Reproduction penalty time ( = sum of all settable attributes )


  • Potential mate pearson correlation coefficient (primary matrix)
  • Temperature (between -1 and 1)
  • Light level (-1 to 1)
  • Crowdedness (0 to 1)


  • Reproduce
  • Move north
  • Move east
  • Move south
  • Move west


  • Two matrices
    • one from Inputs + Attributes to vector with length N
    • one from length N to Outputs
  • Crossover is done over Attributes and two matrices
  • Mutation is done with low probability on primary matrix, medium probability on attributes and high probability on secondary matrix
  • Only creatures with same length N can reproduce with each other
  • Potential mate is computed by selecting closest other creature with length N


  • Rectangular grid, split in subrectangles. Loops horizontally
  • Each step, y subrectangles are chosen, with higher probability at the north and south pole
  • For each chosen subrectangle, x times, choose a creature and simulate a step
  • Temperature simulation is done with a linear falloff each step, temperature is added according to sunlight on a sphere
  • Each step sun angle is updated