Building a Room Wide Wakeup Light 2018-12-02 link

I recently decided to add more light to my life in the form of an addressable rgb led strip. The goal is to wake me up gradually by simulating sunrise.

The led strip consists of one WS2811 chip every 10 centimeters that controls three rgb leds each. Given that it requires relatively high data speeds to control (400 or 800khz) I'll have to use a dedicated controller like a teensyboard.

The WS2811 chip appears to require 5v on the Din pin so it can be directly driven by the classic teensy board.


  • Figure out if led strip is configured in high or low speed mode
  • Figure out if teensyboard cpu has a high level way to do the timing:
  • Build a strip connector to allow it to be powered from the two included power supplies while using one data line.